Picks of the week: How rich am I, news sites and giving.


Here are the interesting links I harvested this week:
  • A blog about strange maps and nothing but strange maps.
  • Where do you rank on the World's Richest List"? Find out on GlobalRichList. They put it nicely into perspective too.
  • A great news site that lets you filter the news by subject: Topix.
  • Talking about news: did you know you can browse through the list of lists of online newspapers, magazines and Ezines via Google/Top/News?
  • United Prosperity is announced to be up soon, claiming to be the world's first person to person loan guaranteeing website. An alternative to Kiva?
  • Giving in a Digital World is an interesting blog with ideas and news related to all forms of digital fundraising and non-profit marketing.
  • This project is just one of many creativity projects featured on the Behance website.
  • And last but least, Pifworld is a new website providing an easy way to find projects that you really care about. From hunger relief projects to wildlife protection. From HIV awareness to building a school.
More Picks of the Week on The Road.


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