Earth Hour, Earth Day, Earth Year, Earth For Ever.

I am switching off my lights this evening. Will you?

Don't forget: today, we're all standing up for the cause of the Earth. The world’s first global election, choosing between Earth and global warming.

Earth Hour invites all of us to switch off our lights today March 28 between 8:30-9:30pm (local time) in a sign of support. I set my alarm clock. Don't want to miss it. I want to be one of the 1,000,000,000 people who will vote for Earth.

Bloggers Unite for Earth HourNot that it will save much energy, or will have the Earth live one hour longer. But as a call to have people think about the global warming. About the environment.

Earth Hour. A simple gesture. An important cause. I should have gone into advertising. Join us. On Earth Hour that is. Not in advertising.

Check out:
- The Earth Hour's photo stream on Flickr as they are being posted.
- Their Twitter updates
- The YouTube Earth Hour channel
- Plenty of Twitter posts about Earth Hour. (at the time US East Coast went into Earth Hour's time zone, tweets came in at 30 per second!)

Update: 20:30 - and off went the lights at The Road.

and off went the lights at The Road

This post is published as part of the Bloggers Unite, a viral movement of bloggers for a cause.


Anonymous,  28 March, 2009 14:18  

Please read true science instead of alarmist politics. What this will likely cause is injuries as people trip in the dark or house fires as candles are lighted. Lee.

Peter 28 March, 2009 14:20  


In comparison to global warming, I am willing to take the risk to trip in the dark! ;-)


Heynavt1 28 March, 2009 15:39  

Let me see.... It's late March and we're having a blizzard.. tell me agian how that's global warming? I'm as earth friendly as the next person but what I'm not is a lamb willing to follow the pack down the road of junk science. So tonight I'll be just fine with the lights on and reading some well researched scientific journals.

Anonymous,  28 March, 2009 19:45  

Had a look on Earth hour too. Lots of comments there so seems like this is a hot topic. Only confirms though that there is a lot of ignorant people in the world. Yes Global warming can cause snow Blizzards too! Global warming means more extreme weather not just that the earth becomes overall hotter. The last fool aint born yet but I bet you I know where he will be born. Hint, they had a president that just about killed the world economy a while back. Hint 2. They also have schoolbooks that states the heating bills will become lower with global heating. I would laught except its so incredibly sad that this can be the case.

Voegtli 29 March, 2009 03:55  

My lights will be off anyway. I am so tired these days that I will sleep most of the time :-)

PS. On friday I made a speech on my work in Darfur for WFP in front of an audience of 900. At the annual convent of my agency. And in the coffee break I was approached by one of our desk officers. It seems that WFP Sri Lanka has sent a request to "have" me. So much for retirement.

ben 29 March, 2009 16:04  

I watched Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" just before earth hour in Singapore. Also visited some sites to learn more about Eco-Renewable Resources and got to know more about climate change, global warming. Hope there are more such activities to make people like myself to get more serious about saving the planet

Peter 29 March, 2009 16:11  


(as anonymous said): global warming is a pattern that disturbs the global weather systems. I read quite a bit on the subject. I even published those publications denying global warming on this blog.
I see clear evidence weather patterns are changing a lot. And overall, it is getting warmer. I was astonished to see a glacier in Canada, with marks up to where it ran 10 years ago... Kilometers away. Scary....

@Peter: Good luck if you would take a new assignment... Do enjoy your time off too!!!!!!!! Life is too short for work alone.

@mantra2: ;-) Earthhour was symbolic.. not just about saving power. but it is a nice thought, though!

and that is what Earthhour is all about: make people stop and think for a moment...

Thanks for the comments you all! Have a nice day!!!!


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