How green is your Nintendo?

Greenpeace first released their 'Guide to Greener Electronics' in August 2006 and it was recently updated. The guide ranks the 18 top manufacturers of personal computers, mobile phones, TV's and games consoles according to their policies on toxic chemicals, recycling and climate change.

Nokia, Sony/Ericsson, Samsung and Toshiba ended on the green top, leaving Nintendo and Microsoft dangling at the lower end of the 'Green Scale'. (Full)


Voegtli 24 March, 2009 05:49  

I have only bought Nokia mobile phones. Since ever. And I am pleased to see that they are "green". So, I will continue to buy Nokia phones.

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) 24 March, 2009 18:25  

No big surprise to see microsoft at the tail end :-(

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