Good news: The UN Does More Good Than Harm

UNdemocracy and human rights

According to a recent poll by Harris Interactive, amongst the 7,000 people surveyed, the majority believes the "United Nations Does More Good Than Harm".

But many confess they don't really know all that much about the UN. Just one-quarter of Germans (25%) and French adults (28%) say they are familiar compared to a plurality of British adults (40%), half of Spaniards (48%), a majority of Italians (55%) and almost two-thirds of Americans (64%).

People in these six countries all believe that the UN does good work. Three–quarters of French adults (75%), two-thirds of Italians (69%), Germans (67%) and Britons (65%) and at least three in five Spaniards (63%) and Americans (60%) all say the UN does more good than harm. (Full)

[Ed: The cynic in me would say: "Are the ones who believe the UN does more good than harm, the same that don't know the UN?". Seriously, the survey has some good data. Read it!]

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