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susan edward

Susan Edward from Juba in Southern Sudan is 28 years old and married to a teacher. She has two children who are in school. Susan sells green vegetables at the market and is requesting a loan to open a shop.

We gave her a micro finance loan of $50.

This is one of the new loans we gave as part of $400 raised at the birthday party of my friend "E", who also wrote this short story on The Road.

"E" preferred not to receive gifts for her birthday, but asked for people to donate to our Change Starts Here project.

Ester was one of the people who stepped forward.

Thanks to Ester and "E", we financed these projects:
- Grace Elunai in Sudan: $50
- "Women in Need" group in Sierra Leone: $100
- Mimania Edward in Sudan: $50
- Susan Edward in Sudan: $50
- Rena Hasanova in Azerbayijan: $25
- Enero Women in Paraguay: $75
- Rubelyn Lumanta in Philippines: $50

Follow the progress of our project on our scorecard

With a big thanks again to Ester and "E"!


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