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swat valley refugees

There is always something going on, somewhere in the world, that keeps us, aidworkers, busy. Here is what is on our mind these days:

  • 8,000 Somalis are displaced in one day of fighting around Mogadishu (Full)
  • A rebellion seems to be on the raise in Nigeria (Full) and Niger (Full)
  • Relief agencies still don't have full access to the displaced civilians after the Tamil was defeated in Sri Lanka. (Full)
  • Southern Sudan seems to fall back into violence (Full)
  • ...while in Darfur, the war is flaring up again (Full)
  • Pakistan's offensive in the Swat valley displaced 2.3 million people, with aid agencies scrambling to cope. (Full)
Items discovered via International Aid Workers Today and AidNews.

Picture courtesy Reuters


Voegtli 26 May, 2009 00:36  

A good summary of events that keep us busy. And, sarcastically, our type of work does not suffer from the global crisis.

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