Mother's Day: A day to honour ALL mums

May 10 is Mother's Day in many parts of the world. A day we give our mum some special attention, often in a way as a "thank you" for what they have passed on to us.

But let's think a bit wider. Mother's Day is an opportunity to honour all mums in the world. And the role of mothers in the world is nowhere as critical as in the developing countries. Let's think of those mothers also, on Mother's day. Think about some of the hard reality they are facing (Source):

  • More than 60 percent of chronically hungry people in the world – around 580 million people – are women. (Source: FAO)
  • Around 50% of pregnant women in developing countries are anaemic. Lack of iron increases the risk of death of the mother at delivery, accounting for at least 20% of maternal mortality. (Source: Kraemer, K. and Zimmermann, M.B. Nutritional Anaemia, Sight and Life, 2007)
  • Women are the world’s primary food producers, yet cultural traditions and social structures often mean women are much more affected by hunger and poverty than men.
  • In most developing countries women produce between 60 and 80% of food, but own less than 2% of the world’s titled land. (Source: Rural Development Institute)
  • A mother will often be the last to eat – instead saving food for her children and other family members.

This is what I am doing:
- I am putting my mum's picture on WFP's Wall Against Hunger. (update: Here is my mum on The Wall! )
- I am mobilizing my fellow bloggers to put one of these banners on their blog, and to join the viral rally on Bloggers Unite.
- And.. I am putting the word out on my Twitter account


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