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front office in Malawi

Eric, our of The Road's readers, found these new blogs from aidworkers in the field:

The last two are ex-aidworkers who are now back on the road again.

They have been added to list in the side column under the heading "Links: Aidworker blogs", a list which now grew to 60+ blogs from humanitarians in the field.

They are must read for those of you, curious about the exotic, the hopeful, the adventurous but also the realistic and the cynical.

Remember you can find a digest of all the latest posts of these blogs on AidBlogs. Each digest entry links to the original blogpost.

Thanks again for the help, Eric!

Picture courtesy Letters from Malawi


Anonymous,  19 May, 2009 17:36  

Thought you all might enjoy this! It's a fun quiz that tests your humanitarian knowledge:


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