Technologists, here are 5 things I want from you

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Technology is leaping behind. It is becoming a drag. Wanna make money? Then make what everyone wants. You will be a millionaire. And popular too.

1. Make all devices communicate via wireless. WIFI, Infrared, Bluetooth, Pinkfire, I don't care, but please let me get rid of all the messy wires. You hold two gimmicks close and 'ping' they are connected.
No more words like DB9, RJ-11 or USB-2 ports in our vocabulary. Who wanted a keyboard or a mouse to have cables in the first place? Why would I need wires to plug earphones into my mobile phone? The phone is a wireless device, for God's sake, but the wires take up as much space as the phone itself!

2. Make all devices charge from one universal device. Make them charge via magnetic pulses rather than via an electrical wire you need to plug into them. Free us from travelling with twenty power supplies!

3. Make a screen that is readable in sunlight. I want to work on my computer while laying in the sun, dude!

4. Make fast computers. Fast software. Fast memory. Fast harddisks. I am loosing way too much time waiting for the computer to finish. Whatever it is doing. It is doing something. The light flickers. What-the-hell-is-it-doing?

5. Forgot. Oh yes. Of course:
Make one device, which has the quality of a good digital camera, a good video camera, and all features of a mobile phone and palmtop device. Like iPhone meets Sony Handycam. With the weight of an iPhone, of course!

Picture courtesy P.S. Mueller via Climate Protection Campaign


Unknown 18 May, 2009 02:31  

Hey, I'd like these 6 things too!

and ... a blue button to toggle between

"all dancing"


"make it a simple phone mode" - is that too much to ask?

Steve Holmes

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