The H1N1-swineflu news hype ratio

In the time 31 people died of H1N1 (swineflu), 60,000 died of tuberculosis. Reason enough for Prof. Hans Rosling to prove his "news hype"-point by calculating the ratio of news article coverage versus H1N1 casualties.

More on the swineflu hype on The Road.

Video discovered via Infosthetics and @aidworkerdaily on Twitter


A Lady's Life 12 May, 2009 21:35  

Well I think the reason for this is we have vaccines for turberculosis and this swine flu is something new no one knew about and so the hyper news about it.
Also mexico treated their people with pig medicines so this is probably why the people died.Had they left them alone, maybe they would have survived.
But you are right. We always need to be wary :)

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