Swine flu: Air travel spreads the virus

airborne pigs

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Allen 01 May, 2009 13:54  

Hi, this is Allen, & think ur saying absolutely right. For stopping "Swineflu we should have been checked every passenger.

vagabondblogger 03 May, 2009 11:17  

I'm flying next week. Can't wait to pick up my third illness of the season. The past two have all been transmitted to me here in Cairo, where they've decided to kill every swine in the country (the animal sort that is).

Mats 04 May, 2009 20:43  

I heard that a Farmer spread the decease to his pigs in Canada so I assume we better kill all farmers in Canada?!

The Beaver,  07 May, 2009 18:08  


correction: it's a guest worker who has been on that farm for only 2 weeks that gave the flu to the pigs. At this time of the year we have a lot of workers to come to Canada to work on the farms. In a season they can make enough money to cover their expenses/ livelihood for 3 yrs ( as compared to what they would be making in Mexico if they can get work )

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