Picture of the Day: Penis extension

penis extension

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the Beaver,  07 May, 2009 18:01  

How do we spell "moron" again? :-)

Anonymous,  07 May, 2009 18:50  

Believe me: some men need it.
:-) Pernille

Abby Ravera,  08 May, 2009 08:51  

ah! :) think we spell "moron" like this: t-y-p-i-c-a-l :)

Anonymous,  08 May, 2009 20:09  

absolutely classic. Did you take this photo yourself? If so, I hope you also let the air out of at least one tire...

Peter 08 May, 2009 22:11  


Unfortunately I did not take the picture.. Found it on Twitter somewhere..

Whoever took the picture, I hope she/he at least put a nice note behind the windscreen! ;-)


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