Rumble: The Road's Kiva project 15: Saldivar Poty

Saldivar Poty group

Here is a summary of The Road's 15th social project:

A micro-financing loan to the Saldivar Poty Women in Paraguay.

Saldivar Poty is a group of 17 well organized and active women in Ita, Paraguay. When one of the members finds herself with problems, the partners stand together and offer support.

All of the members of the group responsibly attend the weekly meetings. The group is built on the enthusiasm and the honesty which they demonstrate for one another.

This is their 7th loan from the local Kiva partner, and never passed their repayment deadline. The activities these women devote themselves to are:

- María Esther Silvero – Selling cleaning products.
- Justina Leiva– Selling food.
- Tomasa Allende González – Selling food.
- Rosalina Bordón Silvero – Selling clothes.
- Gladys Noguera – Selling clothes.
- Juana Cubas Peña – Sale of bijouterie.
- Marcelina Benítez – Making clothes.
- Eutacia Ortiz Portillo – Selling vegetables.
- Miryan Cuellar – Selling foods.
- María Elisa Quiñónez de Cuevas – Selling clothes.
- Adriana Acosta García – Selling baked goods.
- Nancy Montiel Mascareño – Selling clothes.
- Francisca Bordón Silvero – Selling clothes.
- Nilda Urbieta -Beauty salon.
- Marlene Burgos Allende – Selling cosmetics.
- María Mabelin Leguizamón – Selling clothes.
- Marcelina Chamorro – Selling clothes.

The requested loan will be invested in the purchase of vegetables, ingredients to prepare food, buying cosmetics, clothes and bijouterie for resale (See also the group's profile on Kiva)

This loan goes through "The Fundación Paraguaya", the local micro financing partner of Kiva.

Loan Request: US$3,450
Repayment terms: 4 months (Deadline March 15 2009)
We gave them a loan of US$100

This is The Road's 15th social project. The funds for this loan were donated by the VK0IR Heard Island expedition team.

More on The Road's social project "Change Starts Here".
You can keep track of our project via our score card.


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