Rumble: Is Kuwait's weather state-controlled?

We had dinner in Kuwait City last night and talked about the cold weather here. Our resident hosts, told a funny story:
There is a law stopping all outdoor work when the temperature rises above 50°C (120° F). This means the country's construction and road works would come to a halt most of the summer, if it was not that the official temperatures are never "registered" to be above 50°C, but rather "hover around 49°C". Even though often temperatures climb up to the mid 50-ies.

I thought our friends pulled my leg, and looked it up on the Internet, to find a Human Rights report from the US State Department registering this rumour. Some bloggers joked about it, and the Webster Online Dictionary mentioned it too.

So would Kuwait be the only country where the weather is state-controlled?

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Voegtli 16 January, 2008 03:34  

We had something similar in Switzerland. When I was a child, we did no have to go to school when the temperature was more then 32 degrees. I don't know whether this still is so today.

Peter 17 January, 2008 18:44  

How come WE never had that rule in Belgium? (Although we could not complain, in my time, the teachers were on strike for at least 3 weeks a year! ;-) )

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