Tips & Tricks: Text within a Scroll bar

HTML is really much easier than it looks. Ok, let me re-state that: when publishing a blog, the groundwork is already done for us. We are left to play with the goodies: fiddling around with the text and images. And fiddling we do!

Someone asked me how to put a text within a scroll bar. Like this:

your text goes here. Actually, you can include anything you want: a picture, text, video etc...
sunrise march 2007

Using scrollbars is any way to put a lot of information, which is not relevant to your actual text, within a limited space

The HTML code for the scroll bar above is:

<div style="border:1px black solid; width:300px; height:50px; overflow:auto;padding-left: 4px; ">
your text goes here.

You can easily expand the div with other features, bells and whistles.

More tips and tricks for bloggers, you find here.


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