News: Record Rain Causes Flooding in Dubai

Talking about the weather in the Middle East, and "what people do not know about the Gulf": It DOES rain here. Sometimes it really pours for a long period, specifically around this time of the year.
Below some pictures Mats sent me from the flooding in Dubai after the heavy rains the last days. The main roads were blocked, with cars floating around, some of them even with people inside, like the white car in the middle picture. (see also this news article).


Unknown 04 February, 2008 11:26  

You wouldn't expect rain like that in Dubai would you?... but it rained like that when my wife and I were visiting. There was so much rain and hail that our dinner cruise boat had to be evacuated. Water ran in so fast from the observation deck above that we were soon standing in water.


Peter 05 February, 2008 13:32  

Yeah, when I was living there, we had regular downpours in December to February... It could rain for days sometimes... Often the drainage could not take it, causing all kinds of problems. But have never seen anything like these pictures, though..!


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