Tips & Tricks: A Guestbook with Buttons

A guestbook on your site is an easy way to get feedback from your readers. One of the easiest, cleanest, best featured and well supported guestbooks I have found is Ultraguest. And it is free.

They also have a user forum and a problem reporting system. Important that the Ultraguest guestbook has an anti-spam filter.. And it all comes for free.

The way to create the guestbook is pretty self explanatory, once you go onto their site.
The fun bit starts in the way you integrate your guestbook within your site, as by default Ultraguest gives you some plain code, which looks (on the screen) like:

[Sign my guestbook ] [View my guestbook]

Not too attractive for people to click, no?

Here is how I created a button for it, like this one (you can actually click this button to see how ultraguest's book looks like):

For feedback or just to say hi!

Step by step:

  • Go to one of the free websites that let you make buttons. I use . Easy configurable, and they let you save the button you created onto your hard disk as a .GIF file...

  • Upload the button itself onto your FTP server, or if you (like me) use standard blogging software, upload it to one of the public and free picture servers (I use

  • Once uploaded, get a URL that points to your picture, which looks something like:

    h t t p://

  • Then on your web, integrate your button with the following HTML code:

    <a href=
    <alt="anytext" src="yourpicture-url"/></a>

    "your number"
    is your guestbook number
    (see the code you get in your control panel)

    "anytext" is the text shown when people move their cursor over the button
    (e.g. 'Just to say hi or to give feedback about my website!')

    "yourpicture-url" is the url you got back from your picture server,
    pointing to your button

And no, i am not sponsored by Flickr, Ultraguest nor Cooltext (I wished I was, though!). I just use their service a lot..

You like this 'tips and tricks'? Well, drop me a note in my guestbook !

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Unknown 14 June, 2010 00:55 is very helpful in making buttons, banners and so on. I've used them to do some really cool stuff.

And you're right about UltraGuest being one of the easiest, cleanest, best featured and well supported guestbooks. (I this blog via their forums of which I'm a member.)

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