Rumble: Top Readings on The Road

Brindisi sunset...Sometimes you need to take the time to watch a nice sunset. Like tonight in Brindisi...
Anyway, what was it again I wanted to say? Oh yeah: to wrap up the retrospect of "The First Year of The Road to the Horizon", here are the most popular readings:

Top Five eBook Short Stories:
The Day I Got Deported From the US
From Sand to a City
The Day the Groom Got Deported From the US
How Cigarettes Once Saved My Life
250 Boats Facing The Same Direction

Top Five News items:
The War in Iraq - Happy Anniversary!
19 cents to feed a child for a day
The New African Genocide
Record Rain Causes Flooding in Dubai
Would you Not Pay US$10?

Top Five Rumbles:
So You Want to Be an Aidworker, hey?
Italian Men...
What Have You Done Today to Make You Feel Proud?
One Sort of Boobs Nobody Likes: ""Ha-boobs""!
In Need of Inspiration? Videos!

And for fun: The Top 10 Google searches:
italian men (eh?)
the road to the horizon (sure)
post video (and I thought that was easy)
alastair cook rome (Alastair is a famous guy, it seems!)
post a video (ok, that makes 'posting videos' the most popular)
african genocide (good. you should know about it!)
peter casier (hey, that is me!)
war in iraq (good. you should know about it)
herman (who?)
wild cannabis (aha...?)


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