Rumble: Brindisi Once More...

Brindisi port, this morning. Click on the image to see our office on Google EarthI am back in Brindisi (previous posts). Has been since late September. Seems like yesterday. Time flies.
Anyway, what I wanted to say: the weather is cold, but with gorgeous sunshine. That, in combination of the sea (Brindisi has a beautiful natural port, see picture taken this morning), makes this heaven.
Oh, yeah, and I am here for work, not for holidays,... Remind me..! What I do for work, you ask? Right now, I am here to check the implementation of a warehouse management system, which will make the operations of the UN Humanitarian Response Depots more effective. Details another time! :-)

Our office is at the other side of the port, in the right back of the monument. Check it out with Google Earth...


Elizabeth 31 January, 2008 20:04  

Glad to have you visit my web page.
I try to give the sort of feel of ordinary life here.
But of course, there is a lot of stuff I DON'T mention............
I am English, married to an American. But we can't live in the US right now - or anyway don't feel like it.
I will study your blog more.
You seem to have a most interesting life.
Best wishes.

Peter 01 February, 2008 08:54  

Hey Elizabeth,
Nice to meet you "on this side of the fence". Will update my blog reference list and include your blog.. I loved the pictures. It *does* suit the purpose of ordinary life there! And that is what I like in the blogs of expats ;-)

See you soon!


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