Rumble: In Kuwait

Kuwait by nightFlew to Kuwait today.. Crammed Air Kuwait flight. If you are a frequent flyer, you know how often the inflight entertainment systems fail. This one was no exception. The movie restarted three times and finally aborted.. Sometimes I ask myself the question if they can not get a simple system like that to work, how the hell they manage to take off and land. Those systems must be much more sophisticated than an inflight entertainment system, no?
We are staying in the Kuwait Ramada. Question asked by the receptionist: "We ran out of rooms, would you and your colleagues mind sleeping in one room?" Answer: "Yes, we would mind. We are all married to other people, you see..." ;-)

Picture courtesy Tomi in Kuwait


Lynda 13 January, 2008 11:23  

As a frequent flyer I try to avoid going down that thought path.... might never get back on a plane again.

Peter 13 January, 2008 15:07  

Yeah, I know, Lynda! Scary thought, hey!
A friend of mine is a Boeing 747/400 pilot. When I tell him stories like that, he always shakes his head, smiles at me and says "If you'd only know!"...



Voegtli 15 January, 2008 05:04  

I am a frequent flyer also, I never was scared of flying. But since years I am. I don't really know why because I am flying with decent companies.

Your post made me chuckle.

Peter 15 January, 2008 08:44  

hmm... I don't want to think about stuff like this right now. I am sitting at Kuwait airport, boarding within 30 minutes.. ;-)


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