Rumble: In Kuwait and it is cold!

One of the many things people do not know about the Middle East: They see pictures of deserts and palm trees, but forget it gets cold here in winter too! I am in Kuwait and it is colder than in Rome! 6°C or 43°F (with the windchill, it feels like 3°C or 38°F). That is cold!
And as most of the houses and public areas do not have heating, often we get chilled to the bone... Oh well, summer is just around the corner..!


Lynda 17 January, 2008 16:56  

It is cold here in Cairo too. They are predicting minus temps next week. Even we euro types are feeling it. I am trying to make the most of it because I know what will come... personally I prefer it cooler... 46 degrees is just plain disagreeable.

Peter 17 January, 2008 18:26  

I know EXACTLY how you feel, Lynda!

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