Zoriah, the humanitarian photographer.

The face of Afghanistan by Zoriah

There is a lot of interesting and fascinating stuff I discover every day on the Internet. And loads is done by people with a drive other than profit. Passion. Compassion. Lust for adventure. Kick on danger. Addiction to the horizon. Whatever it might be. Passion.

Here is one. Zoriah calls himself "a humanitarian photographer", roaming around the world, reporting pictures and stories on his blog. Excellent material.

You can find his work in:
- Diaries of a Shooter
- War Photographer
- His portfolio
- His blog

On his blog he solicited donations to continue his freelance work. I donated something. Is not my habit. Normally I never donate on a blog. But I was struck by some of the passion in his work.

Picture courtesy Zoriah.


tnomeralc web design toys 06 April, 2009 09:16  

Photographers of war...they all have the passion for their profession and they earn not to earn from it but to enjoy the dangers their passion takes them to. I bet Zoriah is one too. - Tnomeralc Design

Earl B 12 January, 2010 20:25  

Good post.
I shoot humanitarian photography and enjoy Zoriah's work

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