Back in Belgium

Narrow road aheadI swear: During the one week in Austria, I suffered from BDS: "Bandwidth Deficiency Syndrome". No Internet in the hotel and I did not want to pay for a local UMTS subscription, so had to resort to a Bluetooth connection via my mobile.

Even at 3G speeds (which I got only close to the window) the max I got was a "knitting speed" (an old joke us -software developers- used when typifying slow software as "a program where you'd better take up knitting while waiting for the routine to execute").

Man! We are spoiled with cable or ADSL connections, and wireless all over the house. I am double spoiled as I have lightning speed connections in my two homes, both in Belgium and Italy. I can sit in the garden under the fruit tree (and in Belgian terms, we live "in the middle of nowhere") and surf faster than in that Austrian hotel, amidst thousands of tourists..

Anyway, we're back in connectivity land, and catching up with Emails and things that happened in the world while I was virtually disconnected.

Let's end our Austrian adventure with a picture from a castle a mile from our hotel. If you look well, you can see the fairy princess leaning out of one of the top windows!! Brave knights: she's all yours! -- Just thinking: maybe she is calling for help on bandwidth problems too, ha!)

a fairy castle


Voegtli 13 April, 2009 04:14  

I am with you. I know how one suffers without a "speed" connection. Me, it drives me nuts. At the end of the month I am leaving for Sri Lanka. I know that, most probably, I will have to step back a little bit on the connectivity. But as the mission is "only" for 3 month, I will survive. And then, the ICT guy in Colombo is a friend of mine. We were together in Darfur. He will help me to "satify" my need.

Peter 13 April, 2009 05:34  

Hi Peter-

Wishing you the best of luck in Sri Lanka. Be safe!!


vagabondblogger 13 April, 2009 08:22  

When we recently visited Alexandria, Egypt with our son (and you may call this cheating or theft) we took our small Apple wi-fi, bought 24 hours of Internet time, and all three of us could use it simultaneously. There's no wi-fi at the hotel, and it was dial-up, which we've had before. it worked great.

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