Caterpillar, built to last

The good news is that the lady at the check-in was too busy on the phone to notice I had two carry-ons: a computer bag and a small roll-on. On Brussels Airlines they normally allow only one carry-on in Economy. That saved me at least one hour of waiting at the luggage belt in Rome.

The bad news: Caterpillar cabin luggage is "Built to last".. the slogan goes. They probably mean for two years max.

caterpillar, built to last

And there you stand, with a stupid look in your eyes, looking at the handle in your one hand, and at your carry-on cart bumping down the escalator stairs.

Am I glad Caterpillar is built to last. If it were not, I would have broken it in less than two years. Happy me.

caterpillar, built to last

Now who can give me hints to get those small white tips with springs which block the handle as you extend it back in their place?

Tip: I have as tools right now: a set of car keys, a wooden thingie used to stir my Starbucks Coffee, and a safety pin.

Travelling remains adventure.


The Beaver,  22 April, 2009 01:33  

Well Peter, it is written "BUILT TO LAST " but not lifetime warranty- so depending on how well it was treated during all these adventures, its lifecycle has shortened.

Reason I buy e-cheapo luggage at the box store so that I can just trash them when the pieces start falling off and buy another el-cheapo. We used to buy supposedly good ones but somehow somewhere someone especially those TSA folks in NA know how destroy those locking systems and they must take pleasure doing it

Di Mackey 27 April, 2009 21:32  

That's so bad. The perfect suitcase is an endless road ... I'm okay at the moment but there's always that fear when you're lugging computer and photography equipment with you where ever you go.

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