Cases of swine flu - the A(H1N1) casualty maps

Updated October 17 2009:

Since I started collecting these maps in April, several are discontinued. It seems the most up to date maps on A(H1N1) are source 3, 6 and 7...

Source 1:

View 2009 swine Flu (H1N1) Outbreak Map in a larger map

Black: Confirmed death
Black with "?": Unconfirmed Death
Red: Confirmed infection
Red with "?": Probable infection
Green: Influenza-like illness
Purple: Suspected case

Source 2:
It Ushahidi is now tracking swineflu.
this map is discontinued

Source 3:
Healthmap is also tracking.
Update: seems to be one of the most up to date maps

Source 4:
The mainstream media are catching on: BBC..
Update: BBC's map is discontinued

Source 5:
WHO's A(H1N1) page mapped with the outbreak timeline also.
Update: This map is was discontinued end May.. :(

Source 6:
You can also try this flu tracker
Update: seems to be one of the most up to date maps

Source 7:
Here are the maps by AirDB

Source 8:
And of course, there are the Wikipedia pages on A(H1N1), though for the latest confirmed figures, I would still refer to the WHO epidemy pages I discused in this post.

Which reminds me... you need to put everything into perspective: how many people die of flu every year, and how many died of swine flu?

Discovered via LifeHacker, UNDispatch and Aid Worker Daily


blah 28 April, 2009 07:19  

This map goes hours (15+) without being updated, try this one instead

Peter 28 April, 2009 07:51  


Thanks. Linking into this one now too!


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