On holiday...

high and dry

I am on holiday with the family, in Austria for the next week. Five star hotel, but no Internet. You can follow short updates via my Twitter account.

Occasional pictures on this blog.

Anyways, good weather and loads of snow, so fun will be.


Anonymous,  06 April, 2009 11:23  

If you have an UMTS modem you can buy a pre-paid UMTS sim card with 1GB (or 2GB) of traffic for about 15EUR or 20EUR in many shops.

E.g. in "Hofer" shops you can buy "Yesss" UMTS pre-paid SIMs (they also sell normal SIMs, so make sure to ask for UMTS) for 20EUR. They either include 2GB that expire after 30 days or 1GB that expires after one year (you can choose between these options when you first use the card).

In post offices you can buy "B.FREE Breitband" SIMs. They cost 15EUR and include 1GB traffic valid for one year. B.FREE is operated by Austrias largest cellular provider (A1), therefore, the cellular coverage may be better than with Yesss.

As far as I know, neither of these options requires a registration of any kind. You can directly use these cards after buying them in a shop.

Yesss: http://www.yesss.at/diskont-surfen/bestellung.php?aid=6
B.Free: http://www.a1.net/privat/bfreebreitbandinfo

Peter 06 April, 2009 17:11  


I will have a look. Don't have a UMTS modem, but it'll be the first thing I will get when going back to work.. This is painful!


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