You've been an aidworker for too long (7)

Boarding UN flight in Islamabad

You've been an aidworker for too long...

..if you know the fifteen guards at the UN club in Islamabad by name, but forget how to drive to your brother's house.


IT traveller,  05 July, 2010 19:51  

Interesting...has UN a club in Islamabad....? and what is it alike?

Peter 07 July, 2010 08:47  

There used to be one, at least until I left back in 2001... It was about the only place in town to get a decent drink and decent food...
Unfortunately it was also the place where *everyone* came. So, always the same faces daytime and nighttime ;-)


Auxi,  01 April, 2011 08:11  

I like the caption. Honestly its for everyone who lost themselves in job.

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