Snapped: Views from Marche

This year, we went for a week to Marche, in the east of central Italy. A Friend recommended Marche as "the undiscovered Tuscany", a stretch of rolling hills between the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic coast.

The fields on the hills were less spacious than in Tuscany, but no less appealing: condensed fields of olive trees, vineyards, wheat and sunflowers dotted for as far as the eye can see.

Here are some views taken from the house we stayed in.

Our garden in Marche
Our garden by sunrise

Gran Sasso silhouette
At sunrise, you can see the silhouette of Gran Sasso, the master of the central Apennines

Apennines in Marche
There is some magic in seeing the last stretches of the Apennines fading out into rolling hills

Apennines in Marche
The same view with the olive trees right next to our house

A view from Marche
A view to the South of our house

View from Marche with bougainvillea
A view to the next farmhouse, with bougainvillea from our garden

The next village in Marche
The next village from between the trees

The next neighbour's fields in Marche
The neighbour's vineyards and olive trees, a typical sight in Marche

houses on the hilltops in Marche
In many places in the world, people build houses in the valleys, where they are more protected. In Marche, houses and villages are built on top of the hills

fields in Marche
A typical view of Marche: small fields, one next to the other.

The neighbour's fields in Marche
Olive trees, vine yards, olive trees, vine yards, olive trees,...


national geographic,  27 July, 2010 19:22  

shame Tuscany lays on the Tyrrhenian Sea.. very peculiar the connection with the Le Marche (that is the correct way to name the region)... different culture (in any means,landscapes, +else) geography sometimes is like math... an opinion, not! It takes more than a life to get into Italy: a trip like yours is just a sip from a multiflavours unique bottle of wine.

A Lady's Life 28 July, 2010 03:05  

What a lovely shot. The grass is such a lovely shade. Wish I could grow an olive tree.:)

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