Not to worry, your life is in good hands

Not that recent of news, but I only discovered it now: On Feb.16, one of New York's JFK's air traffic controllers thought it would be a great idea to have his kid take control of the microphone. (Full)

Show the relativity of flying. Reminds me of an old joke.

On the speaker of jet just after take-off:
Ladies and Gentlemen, we just took off from JFK airport and are on our route to London Heathrow. This is the first commercial flight entirely controlled by computers.

Having no pilots aboard not only provides cheap tickets, but also avoids human errors, so we are quite enthusiastic about this new development in commercial flights.

We are aware this might feel a bit awkward for some of you, thus we will be providing free drinks for all during the entire flight.

And for the rest, be assured, nothing can go wrong (tick)
nothing can go wrong (tick)
nothing can go wronnnnnnnnngg ongggg ongggg ongggg (tick)
nothing cacaacacacaacacaccc ccc ccc ccc(fade)

More about flying on The Road.
Video via Airboyd.TV


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