Snapped: A French Bulldog in Italy

Black as the devil, snors like a drunken sailor with a major sinus problem, ugly as the night and is addressed as "Ciao bello!" by most Italian women we cross in the streets.

"H", short for "Hercules", our two year old French Bulldog is generally considered to be "cute". I call him "Mr Ugly", or "Mr Pea". The kids hug him like a baby. Tine tolerates his snorring more than mine. He loves to be around us, cries like a baby when left alone in the house, and proud like a peacock (or something), when he takes a walk with us.
He is just a few inches tall, but has an attitude of a Dobermann, and the macho-ism of a young Italian. He is stubborn like a donkey, can play "pull my toy" for hours, jump on his four legs while turning on his own axis and still be clumpsy as a pup taking its first steps, can run on two legs and knows no fear. He often reminds me more of a cat than of a dog.

In short, "H", is part of our family. And he came with us to Italy.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

French Bulldog


A Lady's Life 29 July, 2010 20:36  

hahahaha He is sooooo cute. I love snoring dogs especially when they spread their legs on their backs dead to the world. lol

Peter 31 July, 2010 12:12  

;-) this one does that also.. He sleeps in all possible positions. I guess when they sleep on their backs with their legs "as they fall", this means they are not intimidated by the world.. In my experience, a timid or scared dog rolls up in a corner somewhere safe..
Ours sleeps in the middle of the road 'as he drops on the floor'...

"A dog's life" is applicable here.. In a good sense ;-)


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