Snapped: Lunch on the beach

It is sizzling hot here in Italy. The best place to get a refreshing breeze is... on the beach.

We love to just drive off, and see where we end up. This time, we got lost somewhere a 100 miles north of Rome, on the coast. We found a small stabilimento in what must have been the southern part of Tuscany.

"Stabilimenti" are the Italian version of "beach resorts". Some are just wooden shacks on the beach, nothing more than a bar which rent out beach chairs and parasols. Others are more luxurious settings with a swimming pool, renting surf boards or canoes... but always much lower key than in many other countries. And there are thousands of them.

All in the Italian tradition: if they offer food, you will not find hotdogs or hamburgers, but fresh sea food, salads, fruit.

Some pictures from lunch from a stabilimento we ended up in:

The setting...

A view from our spot.

The breeze.

The view from within the stabilimento offers different frames as if in a movie set.

Lana, 15 now...

And Hannah, turning 13!...


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