You've been an aidworker for too long (4)

child hiding

You've been an aidworker for too long...

when your kids hide behind your wife's skirt when you finally come home.

Picture courtesy TheGotoMom


Anonymous,  30 June, 2010 19:22  

That is much a motivation for starting a carreer... but would not got that far... reading one of the Linda Pollen's book is quite enough for choosing another job, and if, at least not in NGO/INGO.

A Lady's Life 30 June, 2010 21:10  

Thats so true. My husband travelled a lot and my son would grab onto any man he saw with a beard,
saying Daddy I am happy to see you. and of course it never was his Daddy So when His Daddy did return, he was not so sure anymore as to who he was.
It's enough husbands he got into trouble, looking for his own Dad to be sure and kept me red faced looking into angry womens faces and guys who never heard of us probably getting into a lot of trouble lol

Peter 30 June, 2010 21:27  

@A Lady's Life...

hahahha I would pay to see those women's faces, seeing a child from another woman running up to their husband and saying "I am so happy to see you, daddy"... hahahaha...

Maybe that would be a good one to add to the list of "You have been an aidworker for too long"... ;-)

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