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Updated January 1, 2012

Blogs by colleagues and aidworkers all over the world.

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Across the Divide (World)
Advice Worth 500 Sheep (Iraq)
After Africa (Denmark)
Aidworker (Senegal)
Aid Worker Daily
Alpha Bah"
Baby Catching (Ghana)
Body in Motion (Malawi)
Captain Cat's Diaries (Afghanistan)
Cashew Man (Canada/Ethiopia)
Chasing Carly (Lebanon)
Chhaya Path (Kenya)
Concrete & Barbed Wire (Afghanistan)
Deep South Sudan
Ending Extreme Poverty (DRC)
The Faders in Sudan
From Congo (DRC)
From Here to Finvara (South Sudan)
Globetrotter Mats (World)
Habib Malik (UK)
Harry Rud (Afghanistan/UK)
Hand Relief International
Head Down Eyes Open (Geneva)
A Humourless Lot (World)
In Development
Innovations with Farmers (Ghana)
Itinerant and Indigent (Afghanistan)
Let Them Have Faces (DC)
Letters From Malawi
Live in Luanda (Angola)
Louder than Swahili (Tanzania)
Mangham Mayhem (Mongolia)
Marge in the field (Chad)
Martyns in Africa (Sudan)
MeriGoesAround (Benin)
My passion is for the people (Kenya)
Nathalie Abejero (Cambodia)
A New Map of the World (DC)
On My Way (Ghana)
Our Man in Hanoi
Owen Abroad (Ethiopia)
Paradox Uganda
Penelope MC (Canada)
The Perpetual Bloom (Sri Lanka)
Pyjama Samsara (Cambodia)
Rachel in Erbil (Iraq)
Rob Rooker (Sudan)
Roving Bandit (South Sudan)
Shotgunshack (World)
Street kids in Vietnam
Sudan Stories (now Haiti)
The Road to the Horizon (World)
The Signs Along The Road (World)
Straight out of the Jungle (World)
Stuff Expat Aidworkers Like
Tales of Life in Mozambique
Tales from the hood (Thailand)
The Uncultured Project (Bangladesh)
Underwater Desert (Somalia)
A View from the Cave Recently added to this list!
Voice in the Desert (Burkina Faso)
Under the mosquito net (Kenya)
Voyageuse Mondiale (Tajikistan)
Where in the World? (Ghana)

Retired but still interesting aidblogs here

Do you have other interesting blogs to add? Let me know!


Colleen Duncan 16 August, 2010 21:36  

Thanks for the reference. I was in Malawi, but actually I've spent the past 9 months in Ghana. So don't be surprised if you hear more about the Black Stars than the Lake of Stars now.

Peter 16 August, 2010 23:10  

Tnx Colleen, I have updated the list.

Be safe!


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