Our education is like fast food

Sir Ken Robinson criticizes our education systems as being "fast food", where conformity cuts down on creativity, individualism, and thus became a limiting rather than an enabling factor in our lives.

I hated school. I did not like university, when I studied psychology. Professors explaining the way people function as if it were an exact science. When I studied to become a graphical engineer, I skipped school whenever I could. I'd rather work on my thesis because I could create something rather than falling asleep in class. If I picked up anything during 18 years at school, it would be that originality is rarily awarded or stimulated. Conformity is the law.

I have been lucky to find my way professionally, ending up in a work environment where I could be original. Not many people are that fortunate. Not many take their chances neither in being original. Not only tall trees catch a lot of wind. Also those standing outside of the rows of trees.

Enjoy the video.


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