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the grandmother

I walked around in Fiumicino, near Rome today. And started to take random pictures of people. I always wanted to do that. "Just pictures" of "just people"....

Is it really "just", though...? If you look at the faces, their expression,.. if you really look well, you will see how each has a story to tell.

With just one picture, capturing one particular moment, you can imagine the story or at least the context behind each.

the dreamer in thoughts

In thoughts...

the tired

The tired...

the babe

The lady walks...

For those of you who have the bandwidth, here is the Flickr slide show with all of them. Best viewed in full screen (once you run the slideshow, click on the arrows icon in the bottom right corner):


respetc,  19 June, 2010 12:21  

Peter, are those people aware to have been framed and that your shots with their faces are now available in the network??

Peter 19 June, 2010 12:41  


I am not sure what you call "framed"...

see this reference for pictures of people in public places:


respetc,  19 June, 2010 15:09  

Peter, the law on the privacy applied in Italy is pretty clear. Just fyi.

Peter 19 June, 2010 17:30  

Well, I will have to challenge you on that. A good source is http://privacy.it
prove me wrong if you please.

These are just pictures of people, on the street, just as there are millions of pictures about people in the internet, in newspapers and in books.

None of the picture are compromising, disrespectful or meant to be either. On the contrary.


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