Picks of the week: new aid blogs, aid resources and other indispensable stuff.

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I finally had the time to clean up the link lists on the sidebar. I checked if the sites were still active, and updated. I also added a whole queue of new sites.
When browsing through the blogs, I realize what talent people expose in writing, pictures, drawings. I feel fortunate to be in such good company!

Here are my latest finds:

  1. For the "aid resources"-section:
    • CIMA: To be honest with you, I have no clue why I added this to the "aidworker resources", but it looked like the right thing to do. Is a bit American, though.
    • Praecipio International: Some interesting stuff on early warnings around public health, especially in a humanitarian context. Is a bit American, though. 
    • Aid Transparency: No aidworker can resist a site with a title like that. 
    • AidWatch: Nothing to do with Bill Easterly, but call it the watchful eye on Aussie aid. Is a bit Aussie, though.
  2. New aidworkers with a blog: 
  3. Some cool expat blogs:

Want more? Check the "Links" section in the side bar!

Picture courtesy Peregrine by Nature


Megan 17 June, 2010 15:44  

Hi Peter - as always I appreciate the wealth of links and resources on your site. I am especially thrilled to see your shout out to my colleague Penelope Chester, she's def one to follow. I recommend http://www.theniapeleproject.org/ as a better link for "from The Niapele Project" - more complete info on org there.


Peter 17 June, 2010 16:13  

Hi Megan,

I updated the link in the post.


kari 06 July, 2010 23:04  

thanks for the list! i know and love most of these blogs already. will check out the rest.

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