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Updated December 25, 2010

News sites related to aid or nonprofit work

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All Africa
Change Thru Info
Devex News
Humanitarian News International Aidworkers Today
Inter Press Service
NEED Magazine
News for Development Professionals
The Other World News
The Road Daily
TrustLaw Recently added to this list!
Social Change News
World Pulse Magazine

Other interesting blogs to add? Let me know!


Anonymous,  22 June, 2010 02:04  


Devex News ( covers the latest on international development, humanitarian relief and global health.

Peter 22 June, 2010 16:38  

Thank you, and added! (A pity they don't feature RSS feeds, though!)


Anonymous,  15 December, 2010 17:31  

Please also add TrustLaw:
For RSS feeds use these links:

Our mission is twofold:
* Spread the culture and practice of pro bono work around the world, connecting those who need legal assistance with lawyers willing to work at no cost
* Offer a one-stop shop for news and information on good governance and anti-corruption issues
Thank you,

Peter 20 December, 2010 12:33  

@Florentina: I have added trustlaw.



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