You've been an aidworker for too long (1)

torn Tshirt

You've been an aidworker for too long, if...

... If you resist throwing away that torn up, washed off, ravelled UNHCR T-shirt. Nobody understands your justification "but I wore that during the Rwanda refugee operation".

Your kids say it makes you look like an overaged hippie.
Admittedly, the Rwanda crisis was 16 years ago. Which is a real long time in the life of a T-shirt. But the memories are still so vivid.

T-shirts are forever. And so are the flashbacks that go with it.


Saretta 25 June, 2010 18:43  

I think you're more than justified in keeping it. It's a piece of your life and memories! Maybe you might not want to actually wear it... ;-)

Peter 26 June, 2010 21:36  


That would be an idea: to keep it locked up as a souvenir, rather than wearing it... Even though I feel like those WorldWar I vets walking on a parade when I wear it ;-)))

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