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Updated June 21, 2010

Blogs by expats and travellers, adventurers and people with their heart in the right place...

Addicted to the Horizon (World-in Dutch)
Afghan Lord
Baba's Projects (World)
Bleeding Espresso (Italy)
Carpetblogger (Turkey)
Desert Girl in Kuwait
Everything, Everywhere (World)
Holli's Ramblings (Ghana)
The House in Marrakesh (Morocco)
Indian Backpakker
Life in Dubai
Lulu's Bay (Germany)
Meskel Square (Sudan)
Nick Wadhams (Kenya) Recently added to this list!
Nomad 4 Ever (Asia)
Paddy in Buenos Aires
Peregrine By Nature (Senegal)
Primitive Culture (World)
Retired Armchair Traveler (DRC)
South of West (Africa)
Roving Bandit (Sudan) Recently added to this list!
Scarlett Lion Recently added to this list!
Sketches of Africa (Kenya/Uganda) Recently added to this list!
Solo Kinshasa (DRC) Recently added to this list!
Stood in the Masaai Mara (Kenya) Recently added to this list!
The Sudanese Thinker
Susannah Conway (World)
Transitionland (World)
The Traveller Within (World)
Ugandan Insomniac
Uncornered Market (World) Recently added to this list!
The Unforgiving Minute (World)
The Video Journalist (Africa)
The View from Fez (Morocco)

Other interesting blogs to add? Let me know!


tumwijuke 02 July, 2010 10:13  

Hey. Ugandan Insomniac is not an expat blog. And given my aversion to the expat thought, I'm a little offended ...


Peter 02 July, 2010 11:27  


Yours was meant to be under the nominator "people with their heart in the right place"...
I changed the title to this post to clarify...

You do have a good heart, don't you? ;-)))


Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 07:35  

Not so sure about the 'good heart' bit... frankly I am getting a little tired of being slammed into a box because the word 'expat' has become connected with such generalized banter that does not always apply to everyone living/working outside the country they were born in. Take a minute to talk to an 'expat' and you might discover that most of us are no different from he that lives in the same village he was raised in. We stuggle with the same issues, no matter where we live - and we do often MORE good than if we had stayed put.

I'm just saying... you can't judge a book (blog) by its cover.

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