Rumble: Talks with a security guard

A story from my friend Enrico, who works in Bor, South Sudan:

I was leaving the UN compound heading to the office. The security guard who had just opened the gate for me, asked me for a lift into town since his shift was over. He hopped in.
Even though the drive took just 10 minutes, but I felt obliged to keep a bit of a conversation going.

Me: “Have you received any security training?”
The guard: “Yes!”
Me: “Can you give me an example?”
The guard: “How to switch on the security lights”

Me: “What would you do if you saw a thief in our compound?”
The guard: It’s like when you hunt a wild animal: stalking and attacking”
Me: “What if he’s armed?”
The guard: “I’m not allowed to use a gun myself, it’s against the rules, but I have the stick I use to kill the snakes at night!”

Read more stories from Enrico about life in Sudan.

Picture courtesy Ulrik Pedersen


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