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The Nutcase who write on The RoadVagabondblogger, a fellow blogger and regular visitor to The Road, "tagged" me.. The task given is to tell 10 random things about myself.

Ok, I will take the challenge... Trying to define 10 things about me that I might not have explicitly covered on my blog:

1/ The most important things in my life: Tine, Lana and Hannah, my three girls at home. And my closest friends. The circle of love around me.

2/ My aspiration in life: To be able to take my grandchildren on my knee and say two things: "I tried to make a difference for the better in life of others" and "I lived life fully." Related to that, my biggest joy in life is to make a positive difference in someone's life. Professionally or personally.

3/ Things I like the most in people: truthfulness, honesty (also to themselves), frankness, openness.

4/ Things I dislike the most in people: hidden agendas in all possible shapes and forms.

5/ I am 47, but Tine would say: "mentally: 3!"

6/ My biggest vice: I smoke.

7/ My second biggest vice: I don't have a lot of patience.

8/ My biggest plus: I am frank

9/ What do people, that interact with me, often have a problem with? I do not have a lot of patience and that I am frank.

10/ My biggest fear in life: not to have given my fullest to those around me.

Voila, now you know it all ;-)))


Vinita Apte 10 April, 2008 19:32  

Hey There!!

I really loved the way you have expressed yourself.I read your blog regularly and like the effortless way you write it.You always make me think deeply after I have read your posts.

Peter 11 April, 2008 08:13  

Thank you, Aquarius! ;-)


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