News: Zimbabwe's Mugabe not letting go without a fight?

Zimbabwe's president Mugaba, demanded a recount of the recent voting, in the hope the apparent victory of the opposition could be overturned.

"Just in case", three days after the Zimbabwean elections, the paperwork for a shipment of Chinese weapons aboard the vessel "An Yue Jiang", was finalised in Beijing. The ship docked in Durban, South Africa a few days ago.
The RSA High Court ruled the cargo could be offloaded in the Durban port, but it could not pass over South Africa roads to get to Zimbabwe. Durban's dockworkers however said they would not handle the cargo, fearing the arms would be used by the Zimbabwean government against its own people.
In the mean time, the An Yue Jiang left Durban, and is now enroute to Luanda, Angola. (Full)

Update April 24th:
The shipment on the "An Yue Jiang" contained three million rounds of AK-47 ammunition, 1,500 rocket-propelled grenades and more than 3,000 mortar rounds and mortar tubes according to copies of the inventory published by a South African newspaper. (Full)
More on April 24th: In a sign of the growing international pressure on Mugabe, China said a shipment of arms for the country was being recalled after South African workers refused to unload the vessel and other regional countries barred it from their ports. (Full)

Due to these logistical problems, and to avoid more press visibility, a second shipment of Chinese weaponry destined for Zimbabwe will be transported by plane from China to Harare within the next week. (Full)

Meanwhile Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai urged U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon and African leaders to intervene in his country's post-election crisis, saying the military were terrorizing the people. (Full)

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Picture courtesy AP/BBC


Anonymous,  22 April, 2008 07:46  

look at china, they should lose there market, they will do any think, to see a country full into destruction and war, they should not be holding talks about Iran & north Korea, its a joke, and a joke that china holds talks. just to even think that china hold talks about Iran trying to make nuclear weapons, as well as north Korea having weapons, is a joke. china needs to stoped, and should never hold talks about trying to fix any problems, when every one can see that they are trying to start problems. they are trying to make war in Zimbabwe & Tibet, they are bad people and I hate china. we need to take there market away form them right now. just look at what happened when the women for cnn talked about china, china said, she better say sorry or else, who the fuck do they think they are, trying to teal her what to say in a different country, they think they own the world, free world to speak about anything, just look at them, no rights at all, they talk shit about America, and if we say anything, its to bad. to think that this country is going to be the strongest country in the world, and America said that they will be the next America, with there massive market and money, its stupid. just look, if we say anything about them, they will have a fit like a psycho nut, out of control, they are out of control, to ever be in a position of being a world leader. we better do some think soon, before its to late.

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