News: The Global Food Crisis Map

Der Spiegel published a good overview of the current food crisis, depicting the raising food prices, and the countries limiting food exports, and where all of this sparked unrest. (click on the picture for a higher resolution)

going hungry der spiegel - small

There are however some "food unrest" locations which were forgotten: Morocco, Philippines, Bangladesh, Jordan, Mexico... Paints an even worse picture.

More articles on the Road about the global food crisis.

Picture courtesy Der Spiegel.


Voegtli 28 April, 2008 05:12  

It is amazing that such a thing can happen. In a bit more then one year. What ever is explained, I cannot understand it. But then, I have (though considered being educated) never understood either when they talk about stock exchange and why the world is in troubles when Bush sneezes.

vagabondblogger 28 April, 2008 15:41  

Looks like Egypt was forgotten too. They've had bread riots here, in the government subsidized bread lines for the poor. 7 People have died in fights. The army is now baking bread to avoid any more problems. Strikes have been called. The last one early April resulted in the death of a 15 year old and a curfew for his funeral, plus many other injuries and jailings. More strikes are being called for ?May 6 - Mubarak's Birthday from what I read. Also rice exports have been suspended to due food shortages, and prices.

On a personal level, going to the grocery shop here, is getting uglier and uglier, price wise - and we are expats with a higher level of income. So think what the local population has to deal with now. It's not just food, but also the decline in the dollar and any economy that uses it is totally screwed!

vagabondblogger 28 April, 2008 15:44  

Whoops! Wrong day - the strike here in Cairo is for the 4th of May.


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