Rumble: How truthful are we?

I have an issue. I have an issue with people who are not honest, to others or to themselves. People who are not forthcoming with their true opinion, their true intensions. I have an issue with hidden agendas and hypocrisy.

But in the end, I trust that ‘Good comes to those who do good, and bad comes to those who have mal-intensions’. Saw it too many times.

Here is a story:
We moved into our house in Belgium many years ago, just as the previous tenant was moving out. He worked as an assistant professor in the faculty of Biology, at a Belgian University. He was the second in command in the laboratory of Nature Conservation and Ecology. You would think he would give an example to others, being a nature conservist by profession.

Less so. Before the guy moved out of the house, he dumped most of his waste and stuff he did not want to move, in the garden. He tried to burn some of it (it is difficult to burn pots, pans, shoes and bottles, I tell you) and half buried whole boxes of expired pharmaceuticals and outdated detergents and other chemical stuff in the backyard pond. When I moved in, I started to clean up the garden and the ponds. Not knowing just how many layers of waste there were, I rented one 25 m3 (900 ft3) waste container, thinking I would never be able to fill it up. But I filled four of them.

I called in that guy, the previous tenant, the assistant professor in ecology, and confronted him with the waste. He just shrug his shoulders and laughed at me. I thought: “This is such an obvious hypocrisy, his luck will turn around, and hit him in the face.”
And it did. A few years later, he was apparently demoted for cheating in exams, favouring certain students….

People can not be fooled for ever. One day, those un-true *have* to drop the ball, and get caught in their own lies and cheats. So my message to you is: even if you feel helpless in the power of people whose un-true intensions are obvious to you, trust that bad luck will turn against them, one day.


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