News: Russia - Elections rigged. Zimbabwe - Elections to be rigged.

From Russia with fraud.
Ahead of last month's presidential election in Russia there was widespread suspicion the poll was fixed in advance. Last week, physicist and computer expert Sergei Shpilkin posted his analysis of the official results, showing some strange anamolies: a disproportionate number of polling stations returned round numbers - numbers ending in a zero or a five - for both voter turnout and Medvedev's percentage share.
His conclusion: local election officials had been told in advance what percentages to "deliver" for Medvedev, Putin's handpicked successor, and for how many people needed to "vote". (Full)

Zimbabwe's Mugabe follows the 2000 Florida example:
"Recount until we get what we want!"
Zimbabwe’s election officials, at the government’s behest, began a partial recount on Saturday of the disputed presidential election results, while a human rights group accused members of the ruling party of running “torture camps” to punish opposition supporters.
Opposition leaders went to court on Friday to try to block the recount, arguing the government had not applied for it within 48 hours of the vote, as prescribed by law. It comes as no surprise they lost their case. (Full
Let's make a prediction, shall we? Hmmmm, we are predicting [wet finger in the air], hmmmm... Mugabe will win after the recount. Wanna bet?

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