Rumble: Back on the road...

Yesterday, we drove the 1000 km from South Tyrol back home. It took us 12 hours, instead of the usual 10. Loads of traffic but a scenery to be enjoyed. Even though it was pretty dark and gloomy, it gives a 'happy kick' driving through the mountains in the snow.
It also gives me a knot in the throat driving through the Fernpass bordering Austria and Germany, knowing it will take one more year before you see the snow and the mountains of this part of the world again... And who knows what will happen in that year.

This evening, I am flying back to Rome. Back to work.

gloomy ride


vagabondblogger 07 April, 2008 16:28  

Peter, while I enjoy your posts, there's so much we don't know about you. So, you've been tagged - by me. Stop by for a visit to see what it's about. Thanks.

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