Rumble: Just a building....

brindisi building

I am back in Brindisi for a few days. Stayed an extra day as I can think much clearer while not sitting in a crowded office in our Rome headquarters, allows me to take a distance and re-evaluate some of the stuff we work on...

Despite the fact it is still pretty cold for the time of the year (and certainly at 7:30 in the morning), I had my morning coffee and cornetto outside, on a terrace. I was looking at the building in the picture.

Nothing extraordinary. Just a building, out of the thousands in Brindisi, probably millions similar ones in Italy. Just a window, of just a house, in just a street, of just a town. And yet, that image, at that moment, grabbed me.
I know, when that happens to me, it means something.. It is a sign on the road of life. I sat back, with my coffee and cornetto, at 7:30 in the morning, and let my mind run free for a while.
Different thoughts came up:

- It is strange how there is beauty in ordinary things... This is just a window, just a wall, and yet the colours, shades are so beautiful.
- there is more to life than only work... Let's just sit here and enjoy this view for a moment.
- We do not enjoy life enough. We do not enjoy the moment enough. We don't see enough the beauty of simple things around us. And how much beauty there is in simple things. Things we normally just walk past, and don't even notice...
- And my practical mind. The physical work environment often defines how people work. We lack - chronically lack - space at work, so we start to face issues mainly due to lack of proper work space, which creates disfunctional communications. It is my task as a manager to ensure the proper work space is created.


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