Rumble: Aquaduct, the Solution to Third World Clean Water?

The Aquaduct was the brainchild of five California-based design students who wanted to address the problem of 1.1 billion people in the world who don't have access to clean drinking water. The pedal-powered machine transports and filters water without burning fossil fuels or wood, both of which contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions. The winner and five runners-up, you can find on innovate-or-die.

Looking at the video, it makes me think... Hmmmm... A typical First World solution to a Third World problem.. Or am I too cynical?
Let me explain:
- I always thought that polluted water needed filtering AND cooking (or treatment by chemicals) to make it safe.
- The filters will need to be replaced, which costs money. A supply chain would need to be set up, which costs money. Is this affordable?
- Where clean water is needed most, people survive on less than a dollar per day. Could they at all afford this tricycle?

PS: March 22 is World Water Day, don't forget!

Source: The Other World News


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