News: International Women's Day. Yesterday. Noticed Anything?

March 8th was to celebrate International Women's Day. This event was hardly noticeable in the international press. A sign?

Some sad statistics:

  • Women produce nearly 80% of the food on the planet, but receive less than 10% of agricultural assistance (
  • More than 1 billion people live in abject poverty on less than $1 a day. 70% of people in abject poverty are women (
  • Only 1% of the world’s assets are in the name of a woman (
  • Although women do two thirds of the work in the world, the rate of paid employment for women is two thirds that of men (
  • There is no country in the world where women’s wages are equal to those of men (
  • Worldwide, when women do the same work as men, they are paid 30-40% less than men (
Discrimination at its finest. (more statistics)

Picture courtesy Shehzad Noorani (WFP). Source:


Anonymous,  10 March, 2008 16:53  

Heartbreaking statistics.. Change is coming, slowly but surely. As a woman, all I know is that the 'battle for light' is on:-). And inasmuch as some would argue, love is what takes us forward. Hope is so difficult at times, especially when the pain of a 'cut' is way too deep but it is the strength of true love that overcomes!

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