News: KLM "lost" track of new Indian airport.

klm got confused

A KLM flight headed for Hyderabad in India's south skipped its destination and flew across India because the pilot was unaware the city had a brand-new airport.

The confusion occurred barely hours after the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad became operational. The KLM pilot first headed towards Hyderabad's old airport and was told by air traffic control the facility had been shut.
When directed to fly to the new airport, the pilot replied: "What's that?". Instead he flew to New Delhi, where he was declined permission to land, and ended up in Mumbai.

KLM HQ apparently had not received a notice about the closure of the old and the opening of the new facility. (Full)

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Picture courtesy Source: The Road Daily


Anonymous,  15 May, 2011 08:52  

that is one beastly plane... if only it were real.

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